How to Strike & Get Fit

Like a Professional Fighter

In Only 30 Minutes A Day


This Will Turn ANYONE Into A Confident, Skilled Striker

Did you know that mindlessly training without focus or structure can actually lead to horrible technique, lackluster results AND serious injury?

In fact, so many people feel lost, bored or get injured when they train that they lose their motivation before they even get started.

Learn the fastest, most effective way to develop supreme confidence in your striking skills (and get in PHENOMENAL SHAPE along the way) without a training partner or gym membership!

Build The Perfect Foundation - Even For Total Beginners

This program has been designed as a smooth entry point to Muay Thai striking for even the newest beginners. Advance stage by stage, following a done-for-you workout calendar.

Sharpen Experienced Fighters' Weapons

Already familiar with Muay Thai training? I promise you'll find a ton of ways inside HBB 2.0 to become an even more dangerous striker than you already are. Start at the "Intermediate" level and add to your deadly arsenal.

Perfect For Fitness Addicts, Coaches & Trainers

Develop a lean, muscular physique to look, move & feel like a pro fighter. And for teachers, improve your fight IQ and understanding of the game so you can pass this in-depth knowledge on to your students.

Get Sharper Technique, More Energy & Better Cardio In Your First 2 Weeks

Is This Program For You?

This system is a combination of everything I’ve learned from the best fighters and coaches in the game AND my own personal experience inside the ring. Keep reading to see if it's a good match for you.


This program is for you if...


✅  You are short on time. 

Believe it or not, you can still become an absolute WEAPON by training for as little as 3 times a week for only 20 minutes!

✅  You're feeling bored, lost or unmotivated with your workouts.

All you gotta do is throw on some headphones or turn on the TV and train alongside me, a professional fighter, as I guide you through an extremely detailed, follow along workout for an intense, fun challenge!

✅  You don't know what to do for your workouts.

Save precious time and energy by following along with the done-for-you, 24-week programs that will turn you into a complete BEAST!

✅  You want to impress your coaches & training partners.

Your technique will be so crisp and your knowledge for the striking game will turn heads. Before you know it, they’ll be asking you “how did you get so good so fast?!”


You receive detailed coaching on a wide range of striking combinations to make sure you are performing them correctly.

You will be adding new deadly weapons to your striking arsenal while sharpening and perfecting the fundamentals.

Dive deep into each combination to learn how to use them efficiently and effectively so you can dominate your next opponent (or surprise your next sparring partner!)




(with included audio downloads!)

Follow along with these THEMED intense heavy bag workouts that cover a whole range of techniques, combinations and drills.

You’ll find workouts like “Boxing Combos”, “Defensive Dominance”, “Long Range Weapons’, “Teep Focus", "Footwork & Angles" and many others.



Add these drills to your training regimen and watch all your attributes (conditioning, power, speed, balance) level up! Mix and match these with your favorite workouts to add some real challenge to your training. 





The best thing about this program as that it has something for everyone!

With 3x8 week programs consisting of Amateur (Beginner), Pro (Intermediate) and Champion (Advanced), you’re bound to find a program that fits your skill level… or just do them all and really tighten up your technique! 


What Kind Of Workouts Are Inside Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0?

Be prepared for 30+ progressive, follow-along workouts. Here's what you can expect to find inside.

The Super Basics

Begin with the fundamental building blocks of Muay Thai striking. Fine-tune your technique and focus on one key element at a time.

Teeps & Push Kicks

Two of the most effective and unique techniques in Muay Thai. Practice their use in offense, defense & disrupting your opponent's rhythm and tempo.

Elbows For Days

Perfect the footwork & angles that allow you to land the deadliest of all Muay Thai weapons - a sharp, slashing elbow - with devastating consequences.

Flying Attacks

Ready to get airborne? Progress through Amateur and Intermediate levels to reach this advanced workout, where you'll learn to launch your attacks.

Clinch Focus

Tighten your hips and keep a strong grip in this grappling-focused workout that highlights the trickiest tactics inside the Muay Thai clinch.

BONUS: Fight Like Buakaw

I'll show you how to emulate the ferocious attacks of one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters ever, the juggernaut known as Buakaw.

You Get A 6+ Month Progressive Striking Mastery Course, PLUS...

BONUS: 7 Ab Shredder Workouts

Still got some energy after your heavy bag session? These short (but intense) workouts will develop your strong, durable core and allow you to deliver strikes with explosive power, AND sculpt your abs into a 6-pack! 

FREE! Boxing Gloves

(reg. price $89.95)

Get started in style with these Nak Muay Nation Premium Leather, Handstitched Muay Thai Boxing Gloves - made ESPECIALLY for heavy-handed users who need extra snugness in their gloves.

BONUS: 2 Muay Thai eBooks

Inside, you'll also find two special eBooks: Muay Thai Mindset & Fuel The Fighter. Sharpen your mental game and become a more focused, disciplined fighter. And while you're at it, feed the machine what it needs to keep pressing forward along your journey to the top!



SAVE $90!



  • 30+ Follow-Along Workouts
  • 100 Technique Breakdowns
  • 35 Solo Bag Drills
  • 24-Week Progressive Program
  • BONUS: FREE Premium Leather Boxing Gloves (regular price $89)
  • BONUS: 7 Ab Shredder Workouts
  • BONUS: 2 Muay Thai eBooks 
  • PLUS... $100+ of extra bonuses!

Get The Supreme Confidence That Comes With Pro-Level Striking Skills

Take A Guided Tour Inside Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0

Watch this video and let me walk you through what the course looks like on the inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now is the time to decide...

 Are you ready to level up your striking and get in amazing shape?


Order the most comprehensive Muay Thai striking training program now to SMASH that training plateau and get to the next level. 



SAVE $90!



  • 30+ Follow-Along Workouts
  • 100 Technique Breakdowns
  • 35 Solo Bag Drills
  • 24-Week Progressive Program
  • BONUS: FREE Premium Leather Boxing Gloves (regular price $89)
  • BONUS: 7 Ab Shredder Workouts
  • BONUS: 2 Muay Thai eBooks 
  • PLUS... $100+ of extra bonuses!

"When I hit a plateau in my fight career, I decided to create my own workout program that I could follow without needing a ton of time, a training partner or a coach.

"It’s my goal to share this system with people who have the same passion for self-improvement and growth as I do.

"If that’s you, then I’d love you to experience what it’s like to feel like a champion and have that confidence spill into all areas of your life. 

"I hope to welcome you to my HBB 2.0 soon!"

Sean "Muay Thai Guy" Fagan

Creator of Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0