The Heavy Bag Blueprint 3.0 is a striking mastery program like no other, designed for beginner and intermediate strikers looking for better technique, more explosive power, and skills that less than 0.01% of people will ever have.

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Before I Tell You About Heavy Bag Blueprint 3.0,

Let Me Tell You



✔ If you're a fighter... You'll benefit greatly from a strategic, progressive training plan like this one. Impress your coaches and training partners with your sharpened skills & improved technique. Acquire new, deadly combinations to add to your in-ring arsenal. 

 If you're NOT a fighter... Are you a "regular person"? You're in the right place. This program is for ordinary people looking to achieve extraordinary things. Build a strong Muay Thai foundation - one with no bad habits, right from the start. Be prepared to defend yourself & loved ones in any situation. Have the confidence of a champion fighter, knowing that you can handle yourself no matter what happens. Feel (and BE) the toughest one in any room.

 ✔ Coaches & trainers looking to expand their knowledge base and bring something new to their next class.

✔ Recreational practitioners who are looking for a fun, challenging way to stay fit & active.

✔ Brand-new beginners who have zero training experience in any martial art.

✔ People with busy schedules... Let me show you how to smoothly add time-optimized workouts without interfering with your existing schedule!

✔ People who are athletic OR non-athletic... The beauty of this program is that it's progressive -- it takes you wherever you're at and builds, and builds, and builds...!

✔ People who think "I'm too X" for this... like, "I'm too OLD" or "I'm too OUT OF SHAPE."

Oh, my friend, I'm going to show you how wrong you are, because Heavy Bag Blueprint 3.0...


Grab your FREE Muay Thai 101 Workout & Be on The VIP Waitlist For The Heavy Bag Blueprint 3.0👇

"I used Sean's content on Heavy Bag Blueprint for my at home training for nearly 2 months. I must say that this is the best Muay Thai online course out there... Do not hesitate to buy the course if you are serious about your Muay Thai." 

- Khoi

By the end of this 9-month program, you will have...

"I’m only a couple weeks into the Heavybag Blueprint and I am loving it so far! I particularly love Sean’s style of workouts included with this program. Not only is it flexible but just the right amount of challenge and learning experience I was looking for. Definitely worth the purchase!!"

- Jen

How does HBB 3.0 compare to other workout programs?

You want a solid, progressive plan that'll take you from beginner (or wherever you're at) to powerful, efficient striker -- and you shouldn't settle for anything less.

Student Success Stories

Are you a striker or not? It's time to explore what's possible.


But first, let's get real: you're probably not going to become a champion Muay Thai fighter.

In fact, when I started out, "champion" was the furthest aspiration from my mind. All I wanted was to toughen up a little. I was tired of being picked last, tired of the bullies picking on me, and tired of girls ignoring me.

So, I ran to the gym and tried to hide my insecurities behind muscles -- which didn't work, because the second I stepped into an MMA gym, I got flattened. All those muscles for nothing, huh?

But as I picked myself up and licked my wounds, I had one of those "A-HA!" moments: this  was the kind of security I wanted. I wanted to be like those MMA guys that smashed me to pieces. "Just a little self-defense training," I told myself.

That was 15+ years ago.

Now, I've got 35 pro fights under my belt: 25 wins, and 10 KOs (six by hands, three by leg kick, one by head kick). I've been around the world. I teach seminars all around the country. I'm a champion. I'm an entrepreneur. A father. A Muay Thai Guy.

I created Heavy Bag Blueprint 3.0 for you to take the system that brought me to where I am... and use it for yourself without sacrificing as much money, time or brain cells as I have.

If you've ever had the thought that your striking could be better, or your schedule could be more efficient, or your discipline could be more intense... I've been there, too, and this highly-organized system changed everything for me. You'll never become a true heavy hitter by winging it alone.

Are you ready to step up and see what's possible for you? It's now or never...

Your Coach & Friend,

Grab your FREE Muay Thai 101 Workout & Be on The VIP Waitlist For The Heavy Bag Blueprint 3.0👇


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