How to Strike (And Get Ripped) Like a Professional Fighter  

Did you know that mindlessly training without focus or structure can actually lead to horrible technique, lack luster results AND serious injury? 

In fact, so many people feel lost, bored or get injured when they train that they often lose their motivation before they even get started!

Would you like to know the FASTEST, most effective way to develop supreme confidence in your striking skills AND get in phenomenal shape WITHOUT a training partner or gym membership? 

Hi, my name is Sean Fagan and I’ve figured out a way to become a dominant, SKILLED fighter (and win championships) while training mostly by myself early on in my career... but it wasn't always this way.

At one point, I was a struggling martial artist who had close to ZERO confidence in my fighting skills. I definitely wasn’t in the best shape either.

My schedule was SUPER busy with work and life responsibilities, so it was hard to find time to train. And even when I did find time, I still felt like I was barely making any progress in my technique, my fitness and my overall fight game. It felt like I was going nowhere. 

I was bored. I was frustrated. I was losing motivation quickly. 

Worst of all, I felt embarrassed about my lack of improvement even though I was trying so hard... something had to change.

I had to figure out a way to sharpen my striking skills, get in great shape and develop a higher fight IQ without having to count on anyone else but myself. I wanted to feel more confident, more disciplined and more skilled both inside AND outside the ring, so I decided to create a structured, progressive striking system that I could do by myself even with a crazy busy schedule. 

Now that I’ve successfully implemented this program for myself and have become a champion and a professional fighter living, training and fighting in Thailand, I’ve refined it even further into a comprehensive system called...


The Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0

By Sean Fagan of Muay Thai Guy and Nak Muay Nation

And guess what?

I want to share it with you so you can get the amazing results you deserve just like the thousands of other martial artists who have used my system successfully. 

But first, here’s what my comprehensive striking system can do for you...

This Easy To Follow Program Is For You If...


Believe it or not, you can still become an absolute WEAPON by training for as little as 3 times a week for only 20 minutes!


All you gotta do is throw on some headphones or turn on the TV and train alongside me, a professional fighter, as I guide you through an extremely detailed, follow along workout for an intense, fun challenge!


Save precious time and energy by following along with the done-for-you 8-week programs that will turn you into a complete BEAST!


Your technique will be so crisp and your knowledge for the striking game will turn heads. Before you know it they’ll be asking you “how did you get so good so fast?!”

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I admit. I’m not the best fighter in the world. 

Sure, I’ve won championships and currently fight professionally in Thailand, but I can honestly say that I never really wanted to be the best fighter in the world. 

In fact, all I ever wanted was to challenge myself, grow as a person, feel more confident, and ultimately become the best version of myself possible.  

I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true.

Muay Thai has become this incredibly powerful tool that has helped me become more confident, disciplined, healthy, focused, happier and FULFILLED. 

Trust me, I genuinely understand what it’s like to be struggling to see any improvement in your striking skills and fitness levels. It feels like there’s never enough time in the day to train. And even when you do train, it can be incredibly hard to stay motivated and focused, especially if you don’t have a clear path to success.  

But you and I both know that intentional, quality training is what separates the losers from the winners… 

... and I know exactly how you can optimize your training sessions so you can truly unlock your full potential.  

It’s my goal to share this system with people who have the same passion for self improvement and growth as I do. 

If that’s you, then I’d love you to experience what it’s like to feel like a champion and have that confidence spill into all areas of your life. But you’re probably wondering...

Sean, Why Are You Doing This?

Because I’ve been exactly where you are.  

I felt lost. Everytime I tried to train by myself I never knew what to do.  

I felt unmotivated. Since I had no idea what to do, it was hard to build up the motivation to hit the heavy bag, shadowbox or even go to the gym… especially because I felt like I was just going through the motions.  

I felt frustrated. I was working two full-time jobs so I didn’t have a lot of time to waste on training methods that didn’t help me improve, yet I constantly felt like there was never enough time to get in a quality workout.  

I felt embarrassed with my INCREDIBLY slow progress. It doesn’t feel good when you show up to training and sparring sessions where my training partners would pick me apart.  

I even felt like giving up on a number of occasions…. 

My friends and family would question why I even trained in the first place. They thought I was crazy for wanting to participate in such a dangerous sport. They didn’t see it the same way I did and it made me question everything I was doing… 

... especially because I wasn’t getting results.  

If you’ve ever felt any of these pains, I know EXACTLY how you feel.  

But it was because of all these challenges that led me to creating my own workout program that I could follow without needing a ton of time, a training partner, or a coach. 

Thanks to this striking system I created, I started to see noticeable results; 

I felt more CONFIDENT in my technique & fight IQ because my workouts were done with FOCUS & INTENTION instead of mindlessly going through the motions and picking up bad habits. 

I felt in INCREDIBLE SHAPE where I could spar for 10+ rounds or fight 5 rounds and still feel fresh by the end of it all. 

I felt in COMPLETE CONTROL of my technique and body like I never have before. I was able to throw and land combinations without even thinking about it… it was all muscle memory!

I felt HAPPY AND FULFILLED because I was finally seeing fast improvements in all aspects of my fight game… including getting a ripped, lean fighter’s physique!

Muay Thai has changed my life and made me a better person in more ways than I could have ever imagined. 

Because of this, it’s my mission to help you and anyone interested in Muay Thai or martial arts to unlock their true potential by sharing my complete striking system and workout program with them… 

This way you can feel like a champion too!  

What Is The Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0?

HBB 2.0 is a result of years of training and competing in Muay Thai. 

This system is a combination of everything I’ve learned from the best fighters and coaches in the game AND my own personal experience inside the ring. This striking system and workout program has been at the core of my success as a fighter, so I spent an insane amount of time and energy outlining it in an easy-to-follow, progressive program that can benefit anyone involved in the Muay Thai game.

  • Build the perfect foundation for complete beginners, even if they’re starting from scratch!
  • Sharpen the weapons of experienced fighters to become a more dangerous striker. 
  • Develop a lean, muscular physique for fitness addicts who want to look and feel like a fighter. 
  • Improve the fight IQ and understanding of the game for coaches, trainers and gym owners so they can pass it on to their students.

This system is compiled of a complete library of Muay Thai training and workout resources:


($297 Value) 

You receive detailed coaching on a wide range of striking combinations to make sure you are performing them correctly.

You will be adding new deadly weapons to your striking arsenal while sharpening and perfecting the fundamentals. 

Dive deep into each combination to learn how to use them efficiently and effectively so you can dominate your next opponenet (or surprise your next sparring partner!)

30 FOLLOW-ALONG HEAVY BAG WORKOUTS (with audio downloads!)

($197 Value) 

Follow along with these THEMED intense heavy bag workouts that cover a whole range of techniques, combinations and drills. You’ll find workouts like “Boxing Combos”, “Defensive Dominance”, “Long Range Weapons’, “Teep Focus", "Footwork & Angles" and many others. 


($47 Value) 

Add these drills to your training regimen and watch all your attributes (conditioning, power, speed, balance) level up! Mix and match these with your favorite workouts to add some real challenge to your training.  


($147 Value) 

The best thing about this program as that it has something for everyone! With 3x8 week programs consisting of Amateur (Beginner), Pro (Intermediate) and Champion (Advanced), you’re bound to find a program that fits your skill level… or just do them all and really tighten up your technique!  


($47 Value) 

Inside the master manual you’ll get a whole breakdown of heavy bag information including how to make your own! On top of that I share my top recommendations for which type of heavy bag you should get, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about training with a heavy bag.  

This comprehensive course answers some of the most burning questions people have, including;

This comprehensive course answers some of the most burning questions people have, including;  

  • I feel lost and bored training by myself… how do I stay focused and motivated when no one is there to guide me?
  • I don’t have a gym membership or training partner… can I really become a dangerous striker only training by myself?
  • I’m short on time… how long should my training sessions be (and how often should I do them) to see REAL results?
  • I don’t have a coach or trainer… how will I know if I’m learning proper technique?
  • I’m too out of shape and embarrassed to train at a gym… will I be able to get in “fight” shape just training by myself?  
  • People tell me I’m too old to train Muay Thai… is it silly for me to try learning this martial art at an older age?
  • I’ve hit a plateau with my training… how to I start seeing tangible improvements in my striking and fitness?
  • And much, much more!  


You are basically getting an entire Muay Thai video library and comprehensive workout programs that will last you over half a year! 


You’re probably wondering what I’m going to charge you for this complete striking system. 

Thing is, I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars investing in private lessons, seminars, video courses and gym memberships…. 

PLUS I’ve spent years traveling, training and fighting all around the world. I’ve spent so much time, energy and money creating this program that, according to my estimates, I’ve literally spent over $10,000 (and 10 years) on the material in this program… and let me tell you, it’s been worth every penny.

Why do I feel it’s worth this much? 

Because challenging myself through Muay Thai has helped me grow into the type of confident, disciplined, focused person that money just can’t buy. 

Obviously, I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that, or even a quarter of that, because it wouldn’t be fair. There’s no need for you to dish out as much money OR spend endless hours going through the same learning curve and struggles like I did. I want to offer you a faster, easier path.

Think about it….

  • Flying to Thailand to learn authentic Muay Thai from the source can easily cost $3000 (or more).
  • A yearly Muay Thai gym membership can range upwards to $1500 for the year.
  • 10 Private lessons with an experienced coach or fighter can be around $1000.

But I’m not going to charge you close to any of those numbers either. In fact, you might think I’m crazy (plenty others have!) but I’m going to allow you to try out my complete striking system and workout program without risk at 70% OFF --- 


ONLY $297!


Because I wish I had a program like this when I first started training. Because I remember what it’s like to be in your shoes. Because I know that you’ll see fast, REAL results without having to waste your time.  

Not to mention, my mission is to help grow the sport of Muay Thai and to help others reach their full potential inside and outside the ring. I genuinely love seeing people succeed and unlock the best version of themselves through the power of Muay Thai.  

For that reason, I want to give you my lifetime’s worth of training and experience for a rate cheaper than just a couple months at a local martial arts school… and you’ll have this program forever!  

And best of all? There’s no risk to you at all, because...

I am so confident in this product that I am offering a 60-day money back guarantee. The risk is all on me!

Guarantee #1: Immediately after following along with jus one of my workouts you'll feel 100% more confident and focused in your path to success.

Guarantee #2: After just 2-3 weeks of following the program, you’ll notice sharper technique, more energy, better cardio and a better understanding of why these combos are effective in a fight. And if you weren’t doing anything before this program, you’ll notice the same things.  

Guarantee #3: Within 60 days, a training partner or coach will comment about your improved technique and someone will ask you for your ‘secret’. I’ll let you choose if you share your secret or keep it to yourself. 😉


This special price is NOT going to be around for long.

This is because I know that this program only works with people who are ready to take action. Someone who is serious about improving their Muay Thai AND more importantly, improving their health, happiness and overall LIFE. 

Does that sound like you? 

If you are serious about your training and growing as a martial artists AND as a person, then ACT NOW before the price goes up (again)!

Throw punches kicks, elbows and knees with complete confidence while improving your cardio, strength, power, speed and overall game just like GLORY kickboxing world champion, “Bazooka” Joseph Valtellini: 

"There is a lot of conflicting information out there written by people who have never competed or never trained. As the Glory World Champion I need to make sure the information I'm getting is from a reliable and trusted source.  

Muay Thai Guy is simply the most trusted resource in the industry for the latest in training, videos, tips and techniques.  

I not only use this for myself but recommend this to all my fellow combat athletes and fans. If you want the real non-nonsense info you can trust, Muay Thai Guy is the only website you need!"  

- Joseph Valtellini, GLORY Kickboxing Welterweight Champion


I really want to see you succeed and CRUSH your goals. If you act fast, I'll also throw in these Badass Bonuses too:

BONUS #1: 7 Finisher Ab Shredder Workouts 

($27 Value) 

Still got some energy after your heavy bag session? 

No better way to finish it off than a killer, intense ab shredder workout! With these short (but intense) follow-along workouts you will develop a strong, durable core that will allow you to not only deliver strikes with explosive power, but you’ll also sculpt your abs into a 6-pack!  

BONUS #2: Muay Thai Mindset eBook 

($27 Value) 

Strong mind. Strong body.  

I promise you that if you're able to develop a strong, resilient, focused mind your training sessions, and your life, will dramatically improve.  

My friend Gene from Flow Athletics created this incredible eBook on mental training so anyone can get into the zone and reach their goals faster. My only problem with it is that I wish that I had this ebook when I first started training Muay Thai!

BONUS #3: Fuel The Fighter Nutrition eBook  

($27 Value) 

Eat like an athlete with this easy to follow nutritional guide! 

With breakdown of the basic nutrition principles you’ll learn how to optimize your diet so you’re able to train harder, train longer, and get better results. You also receive 50 easy-to-follow, healthy recipes to add to your eating plan, as well as a couple weekly diet plans to follow!  

It Doesn't Get Much More "Done-For-You" Than That!

Grab this insane deal and transform your game today before it's too late!

ONLY $297!

Still Not Sure?

Watch this video and let me walk you through what the course looks like on the inside!

Then check out what other practitioners had to say about The Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0: 

"It is perfect for giving me diversity when hitting the heavy bag"

The 30-minute intro crash course on the heavy bag is great for people just starting out it even if they have never even trained before, it sets the tone for the whole course.  

The whole platform of the course is laid out perfectly, from beginner all the way up to advanced in order to build yourself up and improve and develop new and old techniques/drills. There is an over abundance of content! The easy to use platform saved me endless hours of searching on the internet and youtube for good instructional techniques, combinations, drills and burn out's.  

It's all in one place for me to find now!  

Sean is a masterful coach with a wealth of experience. He break's down everything thoroughly and display's excellent technique and forum with the excellent camera angles making it very easy to watch and follow along. It is perfect for giving me diversity when hitting the heavy bag, I sometimes forget about little things like working defense and stepping off center line.  

The progressive heavy bag program gives me a realistic, flexible and diverse training schedule. the schedule keeps me focused and on track on what I am working on and how I can progress. Overall I believe the heavy bag blue print is a must have for anybody who does a lot of solo training on the heavy bag or anywhere possible to shadow box. Also if somebody who wants to learn proper and new technique and drills that applicable in all aspects of fighting! the Heavy Bag Blueprint .0 is the perfect training tool for the heavy bag, the most important tools in fighting!  

- Dusty M.

“I was already a huge fan of the original Heavy Bag Blueprint, but the 2.0 version is a MASSIVE improvement. There is no way this could do anything but help your game." 

- Rob M. 

"I am amazed by the quantity and quality of content you put in." - Craig C.

"Now I know how I can get the best, most optimized use out of the heavy bag."- Aimee T.

"I would highly recommend Sean Fagan’s Heavy Bag Program"

"It’s important to, at some point, take your muay thai into your own hands and the heavy bag is an important part of muay thai. But doing it intelligently and efficiently can be a daunting task unless you know what you’re doing. Sean's Heavy Bag Blueprint is perfect whether you’re just starting out, you’re a seasoned vet and anywhere in between.  

I’ve practiced Muay Thai for about 3 years and sometimes hearing ‘do free bag’ can still leave me kind of aimless. I had the opportunity of trying out Sean’s heavy bag workout for a week and immediately felt better about what I was doing. The program addresses every aspect you might be working on and leaves room to add, remove, or modify based on need.  

Whether it’s boxing, basic combos, long range weapons, or even clinching and knees, this workout has enough keep on your toes and learning. No matter how sick you might be of hearing “drillers make killers” it’s true. I concentrated heavily on the super combos and boxing regiment and felt results almost immediately. My hooks were crisper and harder and my improvisation was better. I would highly recommend Sean Fagan’s Heavy Bag Program to anyone just starting, wanting new challenges, or just even looking for new ideas on how to take it to the next level."  

- Scott D.  

EVERYONE Is Capable of Being A Confident, Skilled Muay Thai Striker

You don’t need to be a world-class athlete or some type of prodigy.  

YOU are capable of doing this! I doubted myself when I first started as well. But after years training and competing in the sport, I've finally figured out the "secret sauce".  

Once I learned the best, most effective way to really train my Muay Thai, I began dominating my fights and even won a couple of championshp belts too!  

I became more confident in my striking skills while also getting in the best shape of my life.  

Now I get to pass on what I've learned with you.  

YOU can have the striking skills and shredded physique of an elite level fighter. Just believe in yourself and follow what I am about to show you.  

If you truly commit to becoming the best version of yourself I guarantee you will be throwing lightning fast combinations like the fighters you see on TV.  

These training barriers are STOPPING you from getting the results you want.  

It’s time to make a change.  

It’s time to TAKE ACTION!

Order the most comprehensive Muay Thai training program to now to SMASH that training plateau and get to the next level.  

Got a Question? I Got The Answers

Q: How many days a week should I train on the heavy bag?  

Ideally you should try to train between 3-5 times a week, but you can still get solid results as long as you put in focused work in 1-2x a week.  

Q: How long should my heavy bag workouts be?  

They can range between 10 - 90 minutes depending on your flexibility. Ideally you’d put in the 90 minutes, but you can get a pretty good sweat in hitting the bag for only 10-15 minutes!  

Q: What if I don’t have a heavy bag?  

Don’t worry! There are plenty of things you can do (like shadowboxing). Inside the course I have “The Master Manual” which will give you suggestions on what type of heavy bag to buy, how to MAKE your own heavy bag, and how to use these workouts even if you don’t have one!  

Q: What size gloves should I wear?  

Anywhere between 8 - 16 oz. There is no “right” size. I typically use a 10 or 12 oz for my bag work though.  

Q: How do I throw an uppercut on a heavy bag?  

You typically don’t unless you are using a bag that allows uppercuts (like a teardrop or uppercut bag). However, you can either shadow the uppercut or hit it at more of a “hook” angle.  

Q: What size heavy bag should I get?  

This too depends on your living/training situation, but typically anything from 70 - 100b hanging bag is the best choice.  

Q: What type of warmup should I do?  

A dynamic one that involves full body movements to loosen up your muscles and get the blood flowing. I provide you with a follow along dynamic warmup in the program :)  

Q: I already take a Muay Thai class at a gym. How should I use the Heavy Bag Blueprint to complement my training?  

I you want to get a step ahead of your sparring partners and really fine tune your technique to show it off to your instructor, the heavy bag is the place to do it. You can use this program on your own time when you’re able to put in some extra bag work, or you can use it during bag classes at the gym and showoff some of the new drills, workouts and techniques you learned!  

Q: I'm close to 60 years old. Am I too old to use this program?  

Age has nothing to do with it - I know 60 year olds that beat up my 30 year old friends!  

Q: What if I don’t like it?  

You will :) And if you don’t, I offer a money back guarantee so you have no risk whatsoever.

ONLY $297!